Completed Consultations 2009

The City of Port Phillip is committed to enabling the public to participate in Council’s decision making processes. Here is list of past consultations.



Completed Consultations 2009

Consultation has concluded
  • Council engagement tents in neighbourhoods


    Mayor Frank O'Connor and councillors invited local residents to drop in and say hello, ask a question or bring an issue to their attention at neighbourhood council engagement tents held from September to December 2009.  There were a total of 10 neighbourhood Council tents set up across the municipality from Elwood to Beacon Cove. More than 700 people talked with local councillors or raised an issue.  For more information contact Carol Tu on 9209 6398 or email

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  • Trees and nature strips


    Council invited the community to contribute their ideas and opinions regarding trees and nature strips, in a number of ways. A Tree Policy Community Reference Group was formed and 150 surveys seeking community opinions about local trees and nature strips were collected to help develop a new tree management policy in Port Phillip.
    For more information contact Joanne McNeill on 9209 6289 or email

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  • Tree Summits

    Local residents were invited to attend two tree summits held in November 2009.
    Close to 200 people participated by contributing to decision-making about how trees and nature strips will be managed in the future.
    For more information contact Joanne McNeill on 9209 6289 or email


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  • J.L Murphy Reserve Community Reference Group

    After considering many applications, Council appointed community members to join the J.L. Murphy Reserve Master Plan Community Reference Group and help to shape the future the Reserve.  It is anticipated that the reference group will meet 3-5 times over a 6 month period from February to June 2010.
    For more information contact Joanne McNeill on 9209 6289 or email

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  • Playground Upgrades: Danks Street, Albert Park

    Two successful community consultations were held in October and November 2009 inviting the community to give their opinion on the existing playgrounds located in the wide median of Danks Street, Albert Park; one at the corner of Mills Street and  the other at the corner of Philipson Street - both in need of an upgrade.  Two signs displaying the final design proposals for each playground were erected in each playground for feedback.
    For more information contact Christa Mitchell on 9209 6839 or email

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  • Proposed Changes to Dog Off-Leash Areas

    As a result of extensive public feedback (650 responses) and analysis of issues by animal management staff, Council considered a number of changes designed to improve the experience of all users of the parks and beaches that allow dogs to be off-leash.  Public feedback on these proposed changes was sought and submissions were received until 20 September 2009.  Submissions were also invited at the Council Meeting on 26 October 2009, which was held at the St Kilda Town Hall.
    For more information contact the Animal Management Unit on 9209 6777.

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  • Council Meetings - Procedures Local Law

    Council is required to have a local law to regulate procedures at Council and special committee meetings.  The deadline for comments and submissions regarding proposed amendments to this Local Law was Friday 23 October 2009.
    For more information contact Norm McClelland on 9209 6589 or email

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  • St Kilda Esplanade Arts & Crafts Market Governance & Management Review

    The Esplanade Market review was conducted to provide an independent and objective assessment of the management and governance associated with the market.  Council received the review findings and asked for public comment about its proposed implementation action plan.  Deadline for consultation was 21 October 2009.
    For more information contact Cynthia Neville on 9209 6530 or email

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  • Road Management Plan Amendment


    Council reviewed its Road Management Plan to assess inspection, maintenance and repairs, taking into account community expectations, service delivery priorities and Council's financial capacity.  The deadline for written comments on the proposed amendments was Friday 23 October 2009.
    For more information contact David Elson on 9209 6550 or email

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  • Youth Members for St Kilda Festival Review Committee


    Council appointed two youth members to the St Kilda Festival Review Committee after calling for Expressions of Interest from applicants between 16-25 years of age.  The Committee met a minimum of four times throughout the review process, and ceased to exist at the conclusion of the review in December.
    For more information contact Sophie Fernandes on 9209 6490 or email

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